Zoo Miami

Provides presentations, facilitates field trips and offers students participation in the Teen Conservation Scientist Program.

  • The Conservation Teen Scientist program (CTS) was developed by the Zoological Society of Florida to offer high school students valuable volunteer opportunities, while fulfilling the Zoo Miami‚Äôs mission of wildlife conservation and enhancing the visitor experience through eco-literacy interpretation.
  • The CTS program develops leadership and public speaking skills, work ethic and teamwork by applying knowledge gained through the weekend classes and group work activities.
  • CTS enhances life skills by teaching students to collaborate, share ideas, speak formally, problem solve, and be punctual and respectful. Students explore careers as a zookeeper, conservation educator, and field conservationist.
  • CTS teaches students how to write a resume, prepare for and go on job interviews, and understand the job market. Team members develop their academic success while increasing their value to colleges and universities, employable organizations, and society as a whole.
  • Regular field trips and presentations will be scheduled.


Website: www.miamimetrozoo.com



Presentation for Middle School - 02-12-13