Ben Sheppard Elementary

Pre-MAST, The STEM academy at Ben Sheppard Elementary, provides students with a challenging curriculum where they are exposed to critical thinking through the extensive study of the nature of science, mathematics and technology.

  • • Content is thematically tied to basic scientific and mathematical research, methodology, and science applications through project-based learning.
  • • There is an emphasis on developing the students’ ability to communicate clearly, both verbally and in writing, about the sciences.
  • • Scientific inquiry will be the foundation of learning.
  • • Fifth, fourth and third grade teachers will meet with a JM-MAST science teacher, to discuss curriculum topics being taught.
  • • JM-MAST science teacher will establish appropriate labs for each grade level science classes and model the best practices for the teachers. The fifth graders will have a lab each quarter. The fourth graders will have a lab each semester and the third graders will have one lab.
  • • There will be a celebration for elementary students and parents in our school auditorium in May. Certificates will be awarded.





Fifth Grade Lab - 10-25-12