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FIU researcher Adam Rosenblatt presented an invigorating glimpse into the application of the scientific process in his Everglades and Alligator research.

Students viewed his nationally broadcasted film “Change of Seas” as well as learned the process through which he obtained his final topic and why. The question and answer session generated very intellectual and interesting questions. He also made himself available as a mentor to some students who expressed interest in his field of research. (3-13-13)

The FIU Honors College presented to our students an array of ongoing research being conducted by students. Four students discussed their individual research ranging from botany to biochemistry and sociology. The FIU students discussed their high school experiences as well as what led them to select their current topics. Once the presentations concluded, our students were given the opportunity to see the presentation boards up close and have one-on-one conversations with the FIU Honors College Students. (4-19-13)

A professional development was held at José Martí MAST for our teachers focusing on The Common Understanding of STEM and Instructional Strategies for all subject areas. This was conducted by Leanne Wells, the Mathematics & Science Education Initiative Planning Coordinator at FIU (10-25-13)

Research Mentoring 04-19-13

Scientific Method Research - 03-12-13

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